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Lisa Thursday, 8 December 2016

a present that will change a world

a present that will change a world
Gifting a goat to an Afghan woman, can change the life of a family.
At times children of one or two years of age arrive in the village and have a level of haemoglobin of zero. This means that their lives are at risk. The principal cause of anemia is malaria. To save them blood transfusions are necessary but the bags necessary are in scarce supply. The nearest hospital is far away and every day Suor Patrizia and Maristella have an almost desperate battle to face. To buy a blood bag Euro 40 is required.

At times to get up, go to school, live according to a norm which we take for granted, is more difficult than one might imagine. With just Euro 50 we are able to guarantee the school presence of a Togo child.

At time only a little is needed to make a concret difference to things, help which can make a difference in the little things in life, and which here in the village would make a very real difference. Gifting a goat to an Afghan woman can change the way of the family way of life and the milk gained can feed the family, so that the goat becomes a real economic resource. Euro 150 is the sum necessary for this great daily help.

Giulan de cör. Thank you, happiness is only true when shared!
Marry Christmas - may there be joy in all our hearts.

Send an email at and tell us the name, email or postal address of the person you want to send the beneficiary letter. We will take care of the rest.

Donate the sum you have chosen, specifying which cause you wish it to go to:
• By bank transfer to: IBAN IT 46 I 08010 58340 000300020001 ∙ SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21008, and indicating in the box and give your name and surname
• Direct with your credit card on our site:
• By payment in cash at reception in Hotel La Perla.
a present that will change a world
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