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Elide Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fundraising report 2016

Fundraising report 2016
After a precious suggestion of one of ours donors: the harvesting of saffron by a group of women, as a deviation to the opium harvesting. 
Another year has passed and it has been one in which we have shared much joy and success!
In 2016 we have been able to collect the total of 134,000 Euros.

Dedicating 30,000 Euros to the initiative we have been able to give a further push to the Sezibwa Demonstration Farm project, extending the area of activity and promoting the sale of produce, produce which is now in supply thanks to greenhouse style cultivation.
Another sum of 30,000 Euros has been allocated to the four schools in Karamoja, so as to focus on agriculture, the environment, and food resource, and so looking to optimise work in these areas.
In Afghanistan we have purchased 30 goats and given these to 30 mothers of families, they now having a resource to help feed their families.
In Togo we have helped Sisters Patrizia and Maristella to pay 87 school fee instalments so as to help children from families experiencing economic difficulty.
And finally we have given a hand to the Sherpa family in Nepal, gifting 1.000 Euros towards the restructuring of the house destroyed by the earthquake.

This year the Foundation will celebrate 10 years of activity: our journey still has much to achieve and we are keen to proceed in a determined manner to continue to give help to those who are most in need.

We will continue to support Sisters Patrizia and Maristella, women in Afghanistan, a further small contribution will be given to the Farm, it now operational and in most part able to support itself. And then there are three new projects which we would like to tell you about: the construction of an orphanage in Arunachal Pradesh in India; pyschological resource and support in terms of doctos and social care for families with members affected by HIV in Karamoja; a pilot project in Afghanistan, this coming about after a suggestion of a donor: the harvesting of saffron by a group of women in cooperation with a local farmer.

For all the activity in 2017 we forecast a project support sum of 85.000 euro.
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