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Elide Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Give a goat for Christmas!

For Christmas, give a donation to your family and friends, it's easy: for 150 Euros you can buy a goat for an afghan woman and give a perspective to her future, because milk means income, but milk also means a source of save food. 
Give a goat for Christmas!
Part of the milk can be sold at the market: 1 liter of milk is bought at about 70 Euro Cents, while the main part can be used to enhance the family daily nutrition, particularly for undernourished children.
In Afghanistan 87% of women is victim of domestic violence, only 13% of women over 15 is literate. The country is consumed from over 30 years of conflicts and leaves most of his people in extreme conditions of poverty. 
We want to dedicate our Christmas to them, to the mothers in the world. With the project “a goat for afghan women”, together with Insieme si può operating in Afghanistan, we can give some light to the darkness of their future. The purchase, the transport and the delivery of one goat, costs 35.000 Afghans, 150 Euros.

For Christmas, make a donation in the name of your dearest:
• for 150 Euros, buy a goat for an afghan women and give perspective to her future. 
• or give a contribution of 50 Euros, we will then provide to add the missing value for the purchase of a goat. 

It’s easy: give the amount you wish, specifying the person to whom you wish to make the present:
• through bankwire on our account: IBAN IT 46 I 08010 58340 000300020001 ∙ SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21008
• with credit card directly on our site:
• with cash, at the reception of the Hotel La Perla
Then send us an email at, specifying the post address of the person, to which you make the present. We will then send the gift letter on our charges.

Milk: source of income and secure alimentation
30 women, of families suffering from serious need conditions, living in Kabul and Parwan provinces, will benefit from this project: each one of them will receive a dairy goat. This will allow them to start some micro income-generating activities. A goat can guarantee an average of 3/5 liters of milk per day. Part of it can be sold at the market (1 liter of milk is bought at about 50 Afghani = 70 Euro Cents), while the main part can be used to enhance the family daily nutrition, particularly for undernourished children.

The number of goats in the family livestock will increase, year after year. In the meanwhile, a surplus value has to be mentioned: the goats are delivered with a microcredit commitment. Every beneficiary woman undertakes to donate to another needy woman of her village or community, in turn, one of the goat kids given birth from hers.
Through this project , these women can win back their self-esteem, can recover their dignity and future, and some steps of progress towards a society of solidarity and peace will be taken.
Give a goat for Christmas!
Give a goat for Christmas!
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