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You need 480 dollars per year (more or less 350 Euros + 25 Euros for bank fees) to sponsor a Tibetan child, refugee in India, giving more certainty to his future.
There are two important things that you should know:
The first one, ist that the TCV’s philosophy teaches us that these villages aren’t just villages of adopted children. The Tibetan Children's Villages consist of many houses where children live who are looked after and assisted by the TCV association. The children grow up in these new families (every house has a “mum” and many siblings) and they learn about Tibetan culture, convictions and values by discovering their own identity – if they are lucky and patient. This policy is further underlined by the cause and purpose of having a sponsorship program.
We add the second one, recommending not to sponsor a child for just one year when you aren’t sure if you would like to continue with the sponsorship. In such case, it's better you opt for a donation to support projects where there no human being directly involved with you.
To sponsor a child, means to accompany his life path, to follow and take care of him, even though from far away.
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