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Elide Friday, 28 December 2012

Mom, turn down the volume!

I stopped for a moment. If you want to hear the music better, you need to turn it up, I was telling myself. Then, some seconds of reflection, and a smile.
Mom, turn down the volume!
"Mum, turn down the volume, i can't hear the music!", like this my two year old son has surprised me. I stopped for a moment. If you want to hear the music better, you need to turn the volume up, I was telling me. Then, some seconds of reflection, and a smile.

Ezra is right, if the volume is too loud, our perception is distorted. Let’s turn it down. To look beyond our noisy reality is our duty!
The Costa Family Foundation has been founded in 2007 for the protection and promotion of children’s rights all over the world. During these years of activity, we have concluded successfully seven projects in northern India, for the benefit of Tibetan children in exile, escaped from an oppressive Chinese government. Between them, we have built the House 13, an orphan house at the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala (TCV), and an entire floor of the TCV university college in Bangalore. Thupten, the Tibetan child we have adopted and we are following on his life path, is living in House 13 together with his “brothers”.
We have been to Togo, where we have supported Sister Patrizia and Maristella’s school project, paying school fees and school material for “their” children. And we have arrived to Uganda, a life expectancy, which is half the ours, many urgent necessities. In Uganda we have started our two first green projects in cooperation with the autochthonous community of Karamoja and Mukono.

It’s like this, that we are looking beyond, we are approaching other realities. We accompany who is in need, we cooperate with them. There are many more steps to go. We are working on it. But it needs time. The important thing though, is to walk the same path, and to walk it all together, joyfully.
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