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Michil Friday, 28 December 2012

Who we help

We help children and teenager, whose destiny hasn’t been as fortunate as ours. We  help them to get an education, to safeguard their violated culture and to offer them a certain future, we fortunate ones.
Who we help
What’s the point of gaining the whole world if you then lose your soul?
If you burn your bridges behind you, you have to be a good swimmer, a very good one.
The majority of our projects so far have supported the activities of the Tibetan Children’s Villages that work for Tibetan refugee children and teenagers in India. We support them with the hope that they will be able to spend their future as adults in their country without having forgotten about their original language and about their culture; we help them to defend and to keep the heritage of old knowledge that the “Roof of the World”, the silent Himalaya master, has taught them.

Some of the money also goes to Togo to support some African children and teenagers who are not able to afford an education and who often do not even have enough to eat. We decided to assume the school fees thanks to a missionary who lives in the same village because the last Human Rights Watch report for Togo stated that those families who can’t afford to send their children to school are more vulnerable to child trafficking than others…

In May 2012 we have also moved to Uganda for the agroforestry activity, where together with Insieme si può… Africa as a local partner, we have started two projects: Two green schools for Karamoja and Ssezibwa Demonstration Farm.

We stop here but in fact, this is where we start from.

What’s the point of gaining the whole world if you then lose your soul?
If you burn your bridges behind you, you have to be a good swimmer, a very good one.
These children are part of us and we are part of them.
They welcome us with their smiles, they tell us about their past tragedies but they enrich our lives with their joy.
Thupten is the child that we are sponsoring but all the others also want to grow up.
A part of our heart is there, far away. Very close. There is so much beauty in him and in all our small friends.
These children have to make it. I, you, we all have to want that.

There are only few easy things in life, but many things are possible; there are no unattainable goals, just…. shorter or longer steps.
It depends on us.
Arguments in this article:  Africa (29)     Support us (11)     Tibet (7)
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