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Francesco Ricci Friday, 17 April 2015

A sustainable project of agriculture, education, perspective

Ssezibwa is a farm in the parish of Wankooba in the district of MukonoOfuaNakisunga in Uganda. The farm is domicile of different agricultural activities, which use innovative technology. Within some short years, the results achieved within the different agricultural activities are being distributed in the whole of the parish and the parishes nearby.
A sustainable project of agriculture, education, perspective
This success has a double valence, on one side live conditions in the community have improved greatly, on the other a new culture of agricultural work has been created and is giving unexpected great results.

This is why different activities of optimization within the farm, are foreseen during 2015, in order to improve the production and better the services offered. More particularly we will be developing news agricultural techniques, in order to achieve bigger quantities of harvest and implement the breed of goats, pigs, fish and chicken.

Since four years we work together with ISP in Africa, introducing local farmers to modern agricultural techniques. For 2015 these will be the six main activities being developed:

• Teach 50 farmers to the agro-techniques and selection of assorted seeds
• Improve hygenic and sanitary conditions
• Improve the pig’s breed
• Refurbish the piggery
• Buy 4 trailers for the existing tractor
• Buy a mobile container for the corn

These may look like little things, which have a vital importance though: the development of the farm is not only a positive factor on its own, it is overall a motivation to continue on this path. Improving trust and consciousness, improving the possibility of emancipation, growth and development within the community. In order to make this development a continuous and sustainable one, we need the help of everyone. A small contribution can do a lot. Much more than one can think.
A sustainable project of agriculture, education, perspective
A sustainable project of agriculture, education, perspective
Arguments in this article:  Africa (29)     Projects under progress (11)
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