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The project also envisions spreading the knowledge and activities on safeguarding the environment to the farming communities living near the schools.
Seeds and plants for 2015: €946

Greenhouse purchase and maintenance: €4,819
3,028 plants, 5 schools, 144 farmers

In March of 2015, 988 kg of seeds purchased in the previous phase were given to 4 schools and 144 farmers. Farmers were given sweetcorn, beans and a box of seeds containing 9 different vegetable varieties.
For the remainder of 2015 only a small part of the planned seeds had to be purchased due to the unpredictable rain and an unexpected drought.
3,028 fruit and hedge plants were purchased and given to 3 schools between April and May. Most of the hedge plants were distributed to the Demonstration School in order to complete the protection hedge against animals which often destroyed the harvest.

A greenhouse was purchased but, due to the exponential depreciation of the Ugandan shilling (-30%) to the euro, compounded by the fact that greenhouses have to be imported, we could only purchase a smaller one than budgeted ( (8 x 16 mt.). It was built in January 2016.

Training for students: €117
Print material on agroforestry: €273
Greenhouse management courses: €194
Waste management and greenhouse farming

The training sessions for students and teachers at 4 schools consisted in videos and informative content. The videos were extremely effective in transmitting desired content as students focus on the visual transmission of information.
Selected videos feature the challenges and risks of waste mismanagement.
• Malaria: polyethylene bags contribute to the spread of malaria as traces of water on the surface are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos;
• Animals: how animals die after ingesting plastic and waste;
• Water: waste water contamination;
• Plants: waste can thwart the development and growth of plants.
In the run-up to the greenhouse building at the ISP offices in Moroto, two partners were sent to Kampala for a specific theoretical and practical training programme on greenhouse management and farming. The practical experience in greenhouse farming of ISP and its partners in the last year proved to be essential to develop a training programme adapted to the needs and traits of vegetable greenhouse farming.

Deposit building: €5,185
A clean and safe food deposit

We continued our building endeavours at the Demonstration Primary School following the building of the energy-efficient kitchens: our next step was to build an adjacent food deposit.
The structure features a metal door and was built with enough space to host the necessary food for the school’s students.
In June 2015, ISP representatives in Africa officially handed over the deposit to the school administration of the Demonstration School. During the ceremony, the Head of the school, Daniel Engwau, thanked the Costa Family Foundation and Insieme Si Può in Moroto for the good job done.

Total expenses amounted to 26.435,00 Euro


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