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Francesco De Pasquale Friday, 14 August 2015

Final report: Green Schools step 3

The project promotes access to education by promoting healthy food, better health services and improved structures in the schools of Karamoja. It also promotes a rational use of the scarce natural resources of the region. The project also provides courses in protecting the environment.
Final report: Green Schools step 3
EDUCATION: soil, trees, nature

Nature education, €483.82
Theoretical lesson on the importance of tress, safeguarding the environment, agroforestry and other types of soil were imparted to 478 students during 2014 in the schools of Kautakou, Demonstration and Musupo. Virtual classes were also delivered on the environment for a total of 409 students. After the virtual sessions, students were free to discuss what they had seen.

92 books, €589.97
In the beneficiary schools, 92 science books were bought and distributed, focussing on topics such as farming and forestry, as well as other basic scientific notions.

FARMING: plants, seeds, tools

13.721 plants, €2.021.56
In the school of Kakoyle, dead hedge and orchard plants were replaced with a banana grove of 20 banana tress. In the school of Musupo other hedge plants were added to the existing 200 metres to replace the dead plants in the orchard. In the school of Demonstration, dead hedge and fruit plants were replaced . In Kautakou school woody and hedge plants were planted to create a demarcation barrier. Finally, in the school of Acerer, the orchard and hedge plants were extended.
With the remaining budget some hedge plants were bought, as well as fruit and woody plants, and distributed to farmers and individual citizens.

1.090kg in seeds, €1.860.34
In November 2014 we bought 1.090 kg in seeds which were distributed to 5 schools and 144 parents during March 2015, at the start of the monsoon season.

207 farming tools, €635.70
In January 2015 we bought 207 farming tools which were distributed to the 5 schools during March 2015.

ENERGY RESOURCES: 2 kitchens, 39 heaters, 60% less wood to burn

2 kitchens, €10.037,67
In August 2014 a brickwork kitchen was built in the school of Kautakou, followed bz one in the school of Demonstration in February 2015. The kitchens are small buildings measuring 15 m², with grill windows and a metal sheet roof. In the two kitchens 2 energy efficient heaters were installed in October 2014 (Kautakou) and in February 2015 in Demonstration.
With the remaining budget the roof of the school of the teachers of Kautakou was repaired, as it had been ripped away during a storm.

35 heaters, €1.288,16
Furthermore, 35 small energy efficient heaters were bought for the teachers of the school. These have been distributed to the 35 teachers during the month of February 2015 at the start of the school year.

Total expenses amounted to €31.593,95 €
Final report: Green Schools step 3
Final report: Green Schools step 3
Arguments in this article:  Africa (29)     Numbers, fund raising, reports (14)
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