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Lisa Friday, 28 December 2012

Let's go to school!

We are in Agoenyivè, you might think that this is in the back of beyond and in fact, you are right. Among the most serious problems are scholastic dispersion, abandonment of classes, numerous failures...
Let's go to school!
Project no. 8
Value of the project: € 1,940.00
Project concluded in January 2011
Beneficiary: Cuori Grandi O.N.L.U.S.
Supporters of the project: Ladin friends
In Togo about 90% of all children currently start elementary school but an average of 50% leaves school before having finished the fourth grade and without being able to read or write. The situation is particularly severe in the countryside and especially for girls. Every woman in Togo has more than 5 children on average and 44% of the population are under 15. The illiteracy rate of adults was about 43% (27.8% for men and 57.4% for women) in 2000 and about half of the women don't have any education at all. The last Human Rights Watch report for Togo stated that those families who can’t afford to send their children to school are more vulnerable to child trafficking than others.
The good news is that Sister Patrizia Livraga moved to this small village. And we would like to add “May God honour and praise Sister Patrizia”. She is a missionary who has left everything and everybody here and who is now taking care of the people there together with Maristella and Federica. She is currently following the (school) life of about 700 boys and girls of that area and originated a project called “Educational Support" worth 30,000.00 euros per year thanks to the CUORI GRANDI o.n.l.u.s. foundation; the project can be extended year after year.
We contacted different Ladin friends in the course of one month and could collect € 1,940.00 with their help.

And this is what Patrizia does with the donations: she distributes grants for student, she pays the school fees for a group of elementary and secondary school pupils, she pays the school fees and accommodation for a group of selected students for vocational college (tailor’s trade), she buys schoolbooks, exercise books and class uniforms, she buys didactic materials for the teachers working at the schools that benefit from the project.
Other missionaries help her to care for the beneficiaries of this project and to distribute aid as well as school materials to the most needy. They are also supported by the headmasters and teachers of the relative schools. We could, of course, tell you much more about this project but we stop here.
As she uses to say: This mission deserves all of it!

At Christmas 2012 we have renewed our support to this project.
Arguments in this article:  Active and concluded projects (15)     Africa (29)
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