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Alessandro Bettoli Wednesday, 16 January 2013


In May 2012 we have started our agroforestry activity in Uganda, with our two “green” projects, for a budget of 100.000 Euros, until May 2013.
100 beneficiaries, 1000 chicks, 40 pigs, a crashing machine, 1000kg of corn, 1000 banana palms, 2500 eucalyptus trees.
For the green schools in Karamoja, we have rehabilitated the water collecting systems. The works have started in July and have ended in September 2012. Built two kitchen: the kitchen for the Kakolye school is already completed, the Musupo school kitchen is been built. Installed energy saving stoves, to diminish wood consumption and deforestation. In October, after a calculation of he number of beneficiaries and having established the measures and capacity necessary, we have ordered the stoves in Kampala. They have been installed shortly after.

At the Ssezibwa Demonstration Farm on the other hand we have, started the training about animal raising and cultivation of vegetables and cereals
100 beneficiaries have been established among the community, with particular attention to HIV positive persons, disables, elder people and young mothers. We have then bought 1000 chicks, 40 pigs, a crashing machine, 1000kg of corn and 1000 banana palms and started the training lessons throughout the beneficiaries.
Morover we have started the domestic support, after having established 100 beneficiaries and having bought and distributed some of the 2500 eucalyptus plants among the community, in order to give the possibility to cultivate own fire wood.

For a total of 69,851.5.000 UGX, approximately. 21.000 Euros.
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