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Sponsoring a Tibetan refugee child or teenager in India costs 480 dollars per year (app. 350 euros + 25 euros bank charges). You can choose the age and if the child is male or female. You can also indicate no preference and let Mrs. Tsenky, the responsible for sponsorships, decide sensitively according to who is most in need.
Project no. 9
Value of the project: app. € 350 per year + € 25 bank charges – current project
Beneficiary: Thupten Wangchuk
Supporters of the project: Costa Family Foundation
The foundation is sponsoring Thupten Wangchuk born on 26 December 2000 in Dingri, Tibet.
Thupten doesn’t have a happy childhood. He loses both parents, one after the other in the same year. His grandfather immediately takes care of him but as he is already quite old, he is unsure about the future of his grandchild and very worried about his education. He thus takes a very painful decision and decides to send him to India where he will be admitted at the school of the TCV Tibetan Children’s Villages where all refugee children from Tibet are welcome, loved and looked after and where they can grow up in peace with a strong sense of love and compassion under the shadow of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (if these children manage to reach their destination without any obstacles).
The journey starts as the grandfather has decided for him. In order to reach Dahramsala, Thupten has to arrive at the Tibetan border and cross the Himalayan Mountains on foot. This is the only way possible.
A boy accompanies him from Tibet across the Himalaya to the Tibetan Children’s Village. The young companion then returns to Tibet and can bring the joyful message to the grandfather: the grandchild has arrived. He is exhausted and weakened but safe and sound.
Despite his bitter decision to separate and in spite of being aware of the fact that Thupten can now no longer officially return to Tibet, the grandfather only thinks about the good of the grandchild and is happy.

Thupten arrived at the Tibetan Children Village in Dharamsala on 31 March 2007 and lives in House No. 13.
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