1000 chickens in Katmandu

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One of the greatest problems the population has faced, resulting from the disastrous consequences of the 2015 earthquake, is how to feed itself. The 'auto-sustainability project for Nepal' was conceived by the Together for Nepal association and involved the establishment of a 'chicken run' and which, notwithstanding lots of difficulties, is beginning to bear fruit and produce results.

The immediate objective of this project is to support a small community of 35 people and to improve their standard of life in general. This improvement involved making a 'chicen run' for 1,000 young chicks. The sum donated to the Community for the project and supervised by the Together for Nepal association, it taking responsibility for consultation, coordinating, monitoring, and a final evaluation of all aspects of performance and production. Ovbviously this is all done on  a voluntary level. A vital part of the project for the community in the future is to have a successful example of a project which looks to uplift the local economy after it being so badly hit. After initial problems, and very tiring efforts, the project is moving forward and the first sales of chickens have taken place. With a step at a time one can make much progress.

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