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An extraordinary journey through the green fields of Karamoja, where the Life at the Gardens project has triggered an agricultural revolution. How we managed to turn the challenge of climate change into a tale of hope and resilience.

The program, born in 2021 and annually renewed, adapts to the needs of the local population and the achieved results.


The "Life to Gardens" program has brought hope to the communities of Karamoja in northeastern Uganda, thanks to the determination of our project partners - the Association of Groups "Together We Can..." NGO - and the involved local communities. This initiative aimed to respond to the increasing need for new sources of livelihood and food security for communities traditionally engaged in pastoralism, now threatened by climate change.

Beneficiary Communities

In the second year of the project (2023), the intervention focused on 2 main villages, Acholi Inn and Nariamaregai, in the Karamoja region. An additional 5 villages were later included in the project, marking the beginning of a new era of sustainable cultivation.

Project Phases

The project journey traversed several crucial phases, from agroforestry training to seed distribution, from land preparation to constant monitoring of crops. The community was actively engaged, demonstrating exceptional commitment.

Tangible Results

At Acholi Inn, the sale of peas yielded a profit of 300,000 UGX (approximately 75 EUR, roughly equivalent to the average monthly wage in the region) in August alone, significantly improving the average income and diet of the beneficiaries. The presence of a well, constructed in April 2023, facilitated agricultural activities, highlighting the crucial link between water access and agricultural success.

In Nariamaregai, despite challenges such as pest invasions and drought, farmers continued to work with determination and resilience. Additional seed supply yielded positive results, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.

Gardens initiated in the previous project, especially in Nadiket, continued to thrive, providing significant results in terms of crop yield and vegetable sales.

Conclusions and Ongoing Commitment

The "Life to Gardens" program not only continues to enhance food security and income for communities but also addresses challenges such as malnutrition and climate change. Despite existing difficulties, the determination to build a fairer and more just world persists, inspiring communities to look to the future with hope and resilience. The commitment to combating food insecurity and the negative impacts of adverse climate remains stronger than ever, fueling hope for lasting change.


(The project is also active in the current year)

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