3 ladies, 10 days, 180 bags

3 ladies, 10 days, 180 bags
3 ladies, 10 days, 180 bags

"Sarah, 16 years old, the leader, lost both her father and mother in a car accident when she was just three years old, and since then she has not had a lot of time to dream or play."

The fabrication of the 180 tailored kitenge bags was made possible thanks to the commitment and skills of three young women: Sarah, Liane and Gladys. These young ladies were trained in tailoring at Masanafu Child And Family Support (MCAFS), an organization established with the urge to find solutions to the ever-increasing problems of the community around Masanafu. MCAFS, with the support of Insieme Si Puo’, reaches out to the community through care and support services ranging from vocational skills training to post vocational and educational support.

While Liane and Gladys are still undergoing training, Sarah, the youngest and the leader of the group, has already completed her tailoring course. To produce the bags, Sarah needed the support of Liane and Gladys, both of whom have a complicated background.

Liane (19) went back to stay with her mother after she separated with her husband. She is attending the tailoring course, thanks to the support that her mother is receiving from an organization called Single Parent Uganda.

Gladys (18), being an orphan, never had a mother to take care of her. Gladys stays with her aunt, who realized soon that bringing her to St. Padre Pio for skills training in tailoring was the best and affordable means to empower her.

Sarah (16), the leader, lost both her father and mother in a car accident when she was just three years old, and since then she has not had a lot of time to dream or play. Sarah was taken up and looked after by an elderly lady in the village. This old woman was able to raise Sarah with the support of an organization called HOPE Uganda, which sponsored Sarah until completion of her primary seven. But life was hard; stress and insecurity affected Sarah’s performance at school. Her guardian then decided to register her for enrolment at the St. Padre Pio, the vocational training centre managed by MCAFS, where Sarah chose to register for a tailoring course. She was a fast learner, and in a short period of time, she was among the best students of the centre.

In November 2015 Sarah completed her tailoring course and received a sewing machine and some money to rent a place, to enable her to start up a small business. Thanks to the start up kit she is now renting a place on the outskirts of Kampala where she is working as a tailor, earning some money and being able to look after herself and her guardian.

However small, this project to fabricate these bags brought the three young women together for 10 days, during which time they worked side by side creating, through their skills, space for their dreams and further empowering their skills.


PS: the kitenge bags are sold at the Schmukkastl, the boutique at the Hotel La Perla in Corvara. The whole income goes to the foundation, endorsing its activity.

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