A project starting from the bottom

Usually great donors like the World Food Program or Unicef, Governements or else, start from above giving a guide line for a project they wish to fund, we on the other side, start from the bottom, directly asking local people for their needs.

The projects are not only FOR the people, but WITH the people.

Usually the great donor (like WFP – World Food Program -, Unicef, Governements etc.) give a guide line for a project they wish to fund, then they call for proposals showing branches and activities they want to sustain. Following the ONG write their projects as from the proposal guide lines “from above”.

ISP projects are born in in a different way, as usual ONG projects do. We start from “the bottom”, together with the realities in need, we analyze the problem and try to give an answer. The community is active part in the working out of the project and in its realization. The projects are not only FOR the people, but WITH the people. Being development projects, we talk about multi-year, long term projects. Although, to the interested donors we offer the projects in one year steps, as nowadays very few (unluckily) are the donors ready to give multiyear funding, and as in this way we are able to adapt and change our interventions gradually, revising the project steps following the real needs of the moment.

Davide Franzi
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