A silo for saver food

A silo for saver food
During 2012 we have endorsed the start of the SDF's activity, with a budget of 25.000 Euros. Now the farm is self-sufficient. What remains, is the problem for a right harvest conservation. That's why we are helping building a 60 tons silo on the farm's land.

In May 2013 for example, during the rainy season, for over 45 days not one drop of water has fallen, the harvest has gone lost and authorities called out famine alarm.

Studies show that the economic growth and the consequent improving of life quality in Uganda, depend on a greater agricultural production activity. To ensure an adequate stocking possibility for the harvest, is a huge step towards this growth.
It’s estimated that between 25-30% of the food produced in Uganda, is wasted because of the inadequate ways of stocking it. Although, the main reason for the construction of the silo, is the food safety as a direct result of the possibility of having direct access to good quality food in difficult periods or during famine. Moreover the stocking of food the corn, helps to stabilize the market price. Food prices are highly variable and can fluctuate of 300% during the year, which depends overall on the season’s uncertainty – in May 2013 for example, during the rainy season, for over 45 days not one drop of water has fallen, the harvest has gone lost and authorities called out famine alarm – and to speculation.
Through the stocking in a silo, the SDF will have the possibility of purchasing huge quantities of food right after the harvesting, when prices are at its lowest, reselling it during more lucrative periods, gaining a great economic advantage.
The number of direct beneficiaries of the project is estimated in 70 families in the community, for a total of 350 persons.

We will be building a 60 tons silo, 6 cells to 10 tons each. It will be a mural construction, well ventilated and covered by a metallic roof, containing six PVC tanks with little simple metal doors provided with a glass through which monitor the state of the corn. Three cells will be SDF-property, the other three will be at the community’s disposal.

The grain stocked will mainly be mais. Once harvested, it will be sun dried and moisture tested (favorably the moisture should be between 12 and 13,5%), then it will be put into the cells. Thanks to a perforated pipe, phosphorus pills will be distributed within the cell, building the vacuum. The single cells will then be sealed with silicon. Like this, it will be possible to stock the food in good conditions up to one year and a half.

The budget for the project, within May 2014, is of 27.000 Euros. A huge sum, which we will be sure will bring as huge results.

If you want to know more detailed information, download the project description here following.

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