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It's by doing small things well that they can become big. For this reason we never set ourselves stratospheric goals, for we know that it takes time to change the world, to dedicate ourselves and especially to have a lot of confidence in the kindness of people and a determination to motivate and find it again and again.

Goodness and determination are certainly characteristics of the twelve women of 'Giallo Fiducia' in Afghanistan, who despite the political difficulties and the continuous precariousness of life, never lose confidence and hope and, on the contrary, are for us a great example and inspiration. It sounds like a paradox, but it is they who make us dream! In the autumn they picked 3.70 kg of saffron of a really bright orange colour. Our compliments go to them!

It is this goodness that we also find in Ethiopia, in Marcella and Busajo who day by day strive to follow the young guys and in particular the street girls, and who try to create the conditions for a more dignified life. This they do through a 360 ° education, because when you live on the street nothing remains obvious and self-confidence is somewhere deep in the soul. It is only through a lot of love, and sincerity that you can make it surface again.

In Uganda, on the other hand, in Karamoja, we have sister Itae. She's one of those tough, strong ones who devotes her life to her neighbour. We will continue to support her as she stands alongside women and families with HIV-positive cases; when the disease strikes, she acts as she does with a very strong judgment of others, often others who are strong and influential and wish that the victims are marginalised, powerless to remain in the face of a wall of social coldness. This is the third year we have been supporting them. No one gets left behind, no one gets left alone.

And do you remember the Green Schools? They are there again this year ,and we will make hedges to protect the gardens that we have built over recent years. It sounds silly to have to do so, but it is essential not to find animals and humans plunder, where in fact should be the pupils to collect their own food, food which y have grown with love.

There are so many little things we want to keep doing well.

If you want to support us and you are subject to the Italian fiscal system, donate the '5x1000' provided for, and it will cost nothing and for us it will be a very important helping hand.


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