L’8 marzo è alle porte. Per molte donne è un giorno diffcile, uguale a tutti gli altri. Come per le donne in Afghanistan, che vivono
in condizioni di povertà e discriminazione senza pari.

8 March is at the door. For many women it is a difficult day, the same as all the rest are difficult. Such is the case for women in Afghanistan, they living in conditions of poverty and discrimination which are beyond comparison. In a small Afghan village, the Costa Family Foundation has been able to launch a pilot project involving females in the cultivation of saffron, a project which enables them to hope in a slightly better future, not a greatly better future but at least a possible improvement. The same is true for the women in Ethiopia, many of whom live in conditions of appalling poverty, and are obliged to ‘work’ on the street and be abused by men. In Soddo, a community close to Addis Abeba, the Costa Family Foundation is supporting the Busajo Onlus Association, it having a campus designed to take care of the social, educational, and training needs of boys, girls, teenagers, and indeed the whole community. In Uganda, in Togo, in India, in the places where the Costa Family Foundation is trying to do something in concrete, the girls and the women are the ones we are targeting, for it is they who are the most exposed to the negation of rights, to political repression, and to racial discrimination, to violence, illness, and poverty.
On occasion of Women’s Day, and right through from 8 to 31 March the Costa Family Foundation is organising an exhibition entitled Ëres,a word which in Ladin language means women. There will be 12 portrait photos taken by Gustav Williet, who since its outset in 2008 has accompanied the Family Foundation, a charity idea conceived by Michael Costa, so as to something worthwhile for those who are born less fortunate and an idea matured by Michil Costa on his journeys in Africa and Asia. The twelve portraits reveal a deep and intimate part of life, captured in black and white, and which is the result of the meeting between members of the Costa Family Foundation and  Gustav Willeit himself with women living on the very edge of the world. To these women, and to all the women in the world, this exhibition is dedicated. The twelve works are on sale for 420 euro and the proceeds will go towards the project in support of the children and the street girls of  Soddo in Ethiopia, a project aimed at improving the individual conditions, as well as the social and educational status of the children and girls through the creation of a health recovery programme, as well as a psychological, educational and training content programme looking to result in work opportunities and general reintegration in society. 
From 8 to 31 March 2019 at the Bistrot, Hotel La Perla, Corvara.

The photographer: Gustav Willeit was born in Brunico and was brought up in Corvara in Alta Badia. He completed his studies at the F+F Schule for Art and Design in Zurich. He has devised a technique whereby a formal representation supports his innate poetic vision of the world. In the past, he was an assistant in various photography students in Zurich and is today a freelancer.

The inauguration evening
The inauguration evening of the Eres exhibition on 8 March will be a celebration of female excellence. The evening will begin with an aperitif in the Bistrot, to be followed by a 4 course dinner offered by some of Italy’s leading female chefs: Fabrizia Meroi from the Laite 1* Michelin restaurant in Sappada; Valeria Piccini from the Caino 2* Michelin restaurant in Montemerano; Caterina Ceraudo from the Dattilo restaurant in Strongoli and Veronica Cella de Ann, responsible for the antipasti in the  Stües and Bistrot restaurants at La Perla.

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