The target of 70.000 Euros for the sponsoring of the two actual projects in Uganda, has been reached during 2013 and the two project endorsed are being concluded successfully.

Giulan, thank you to all of you. Where there is love, the unimaginable is possible. 

During 2013 we have collected 80.052 Euros and we have had expenses for a total for 98.642 Euros.
The fundraising has been made through four main activities: the free donations (20.192 Euros), the Hotel La Perla fundraising (17.854 Euros), the annual contributions of commendable members (1.120 Euros), the project presentations (17.590 Euros), the general fundraising activity (16.975 Euros), including several activities, like the fundraising at Boutique Monika, the one at Hotel La Tambra, the Christmas Action etc. To these activities, general incomes like sponsorships or returns are being added (6.321 Euros).
The total expenses for the project funding, has been of 84.694 Euros and general expenses make 13.949 Euros, which is 14% on all expenses.
During 2013 we have collected approximately 20.000 Euros less, than during 2012. This is due to the missing of "great donations" (in 2012 we have had two great single donations of 20.000 and 10.000 Euros each). Moreover the fundraising through a solidary sms campaign and the annual charity evening - which usually brought about 20.000/30.000 Euros of donations -, have been missing. 
The Costa Family Foundation during 2013 has concentrated its activity on the communications. As a matter of fact many project presentations have been made, with the goal of achieving new sustainers and possible enduring donators.
Giulan, thank you to all of you. Where there is love, the unimaginable is possible. 

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