Gift a goat 2016: the report

The aim of this project was to gift a goat to selected families. The reason being is that goats are a means to create an income for families. The project concluded successfully with 24 goats handed over to 8 families, all the families coming from areas of economic instability where it is difficult to make a living. The selected families live in the province of Bamyan, and it is here that the project coordinator continues to follow the families in question so as to provide an ongoing monitoring of the project.

Now, and thanks to the arrival of the 3 goats, life no longer seems so impossible.

The project resulted in 24 goats being handed over in Bamyan, it one of the remotest of locations in Afghanistan, and where most of the people live off agriculture and animal rearing. Those benefiting from the project had little chance of gainful activity in any sense, this applying particularly to women in Bamyan where it is easy to describe them as being disadvantaged. 3 goats were given to each family. Why goats one might ask? The reason is that goats are alm and easy to handle and can be ‘used’ in many different ways. Most of the families in Afghanistan keep goats for either milk or meat production, the young goats surplus to any rearing process being killed for their meat. It is to be noted that milk is a fundamental resource for the nutrition of young children and from the mik cheese can be made which can then be sold in Kabul. The young goat can be sold for about 7,000 afgani. Meat is the most expensive product produced and used in Afghanistan: 1kg is worth about 350 afgani (approx. 7 dollars). A one year old goat weighing about 12kg can earn for an Afghan family 5,000 afgani (around 100 dollars), which is enough to take care of family needs for about a month. Some families sell also the skin and the horns of the goats, but this is not a very widespread use. All the families selected have begun to have some advantgage from the goats gifted to them.

The beneficiaries:

Gul Shah is a 27 year old woman with 4 children of different ages. She lives in Reghsad in Bamyan, in a mud house built by her husband and father together. She has a sewing machine so she is able to earn some little to feed the children. Her husband died 4 years ago in a car accident. Gul Shah is really happy to have received 3 goats and says it will take some of the pressure off her so that she will be able to feed the family in a better way.

Maryam is 37 anni and lives along with thousands of poor families in the mountainous area of Kotale mamomarak, where the cold makes things really difficult throughout winter. Her husband died after an asthma attack several years ago. The youngest son was born 4 months after the deathy of his father and is now 6 years old. Maryam works a s a caer in a clinic in Bamyan, and where she earns 2400 afghani (30 euro) per monthl, which is not even enough to buy sufficient bread for her family. Now thanks to receiving 3 goats she can start a new chaapter in the lives of her family. The children now have milk to drink and part of the milk provision is used to make a bit of money for them.

Zakira is 40 and lives in Folady in Bamyan. Her husband died in 2015, leaving her to cope with 5 children. She works as an extra hand in the fields in spring and summer, and in winter she works as a cleaner in winter, which means that she is away from home the entire day.

Sangi Bibi is 50 and comes from Waras in Bamyan. She has 8 daughters and 1 son. The eldest child works away from home and makes some money for the family, it being the only sum which has to cover the rent, the food, clothing and other expenses. Now, and thanks to the arrival of the 3 goats, life no longer seems so impossible.

Nazo Bibi is 30 and lives with her ill husband and 5 children. The only property they have is a small piece of cultivation land. And where Nazo must work from morning to evening to feed the children. And meet the shopping expenses generally. With the goats she can make a better job of making ends meet.

Jarmina has 6 children in all, 4 girls and 3 boys. She is 37 and works as a cleaning lady. Every day she watches 10 pieces of clothing for the families nearby, a way which brings a little money in. She says: “I was really desperate, thinking of how i was going to survive this winter, but now with 3 goats I have an extra resource and don’t need to spend so much time away...”

Budget of the project for 2016: 4.650 Euros collected with the Christmas-action "Gift a smile"

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