Gift a smile this christmas

Just a little is needed to make a special gift and make a child in Togo or a woman in  Afghanistan smile. A simple gift can change their lives for the better.

There are two simple and effective ways to gift a smile to someone who actually has very little to smile about as the situation stands. The first way is dedicated to those children in Togo, who thanks to Sisters Patrizia and Maristella are able to rediscover the right to an education. These two admirable women have been able to develop a campaign and a project from nothing at all in the remote Amkpapé countryside of Togo. They have managed to build a school which is now attended by about 300 children. And it is the two Sisters who also take on the role of selecting the children from families living in great difficulty and whom without this initiative would have no chance of going to school. They take care of the payment of school fees and the provision of materials and school uniform necessary. And this is how you can help them: For a year's fees just 43 euro is sufficient to change the prospects for their future life. If you can make this small gift it is without doubt certain that a young child will again be able to smile, a smile which means so much about a brighter future, a chance to not be emarginated, and to live alongside other companions.
A second opportunity to gift a smile is if we make a donation to an Afghan woman. Afghan women are braver than brave in that they do not give in, this despite the continuous battles and conflict in their country. Rights are denied, any destiny is an uncertain one, and prospects can be cut short at any moment. They do not give in because they need that they somehow need to create a better world for their children. With a gift of 150 euro it is possible that a goat is purchased on your behalf and given to an Afghan woman as chosen by our partner on the ground there, named SAJS. We are talking about women who have families to support in unbelievably drastic circumstances. The goats are a form of micro-credit in that they are a source of earning and a source of nutrition in the milk and meat they provide. And of course the young goats which are subsequently born can be resold or handed over so that other needy women can benefit.
To gift a smile to children in Togo or women in Afghanistan it is enough to donate the sum you wish and indicate the project or projects in question you wish to make this gift :

Via bank transfer to the following account: IBAN IT 46 I 08010 58340 000300020001 ∙ SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21008.
By credit card by going on this site.

It is also possible to make a donation in cash at the reception of Hotel La Perla. On the payment slip please indicate: GIFT A SMILE, and in this way we will be able to identify the project to which you wish to contribute.

Francesco Ricci
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