The vast majority of Afghan people live in extreme poverty, worn out by more than 30 years of war and violence. This program is aimed to promote social inclusion and development for the weakest and poorest population groups, putting our trust and committing responsibility in women, for a future of dignity and peace. It’s a project addressed to those, among them, who suffer from poverty and social-economic exclusion; in many cases they are widowed with dependents, too.

"Women hold up half the sky."
Mao Zedong

Every year some women of families suffering from serious need conditions, living in Kabul and Parwan provinces, will benefit from this project: each one of them will receive a dairy goat. This will allow them to start some micro income-generating activities. A goat can guarantee an average of 3/5 liters of milk per day. Part of it can be sold at the market (1 liter of milk is bought at about 50 Afghani = 70 Euro Cents), while the main part can be used to enhance the family daily nutrition, particularly for undernourished children.

One thing leads to another, and one goat…gives birth to another goat! The number of goats in the family livestocks will increase, year after year. In the meanwhile, a surplus value has to be mentioned: the goats are delivered with a microcredit commitment. Every beneficiary woman undertakes to donate to another needy woman of her village or community, in turn, one of the goat kids given birth from hers.
Through this project , these women can win back their self-esteem, can recover their dignity and future, and some steps of progress towards a society of solidarity and peace will be taken.

• for 150 Euros, you can buy 1 goat for one aghan women, giving her a perspective for the future
• or you give a contribution of 50 Euros, we will add the missing amount for the purchase of 1 goat

So far, thanks to your support, we have collected 20.348 € for the afghan women. Giulan.

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