HOUSE 13, a home for children in exile

The village consists of small residences, schools and an entertainment area and stretches on a surface of 44 hectares, a third of which are covered with woods.

Project no. 1
Value of the project: € 30,000.00
Project concluded in March 2008
Beneficiary: TCV
Supporters of the project: Autonomous Province of Bolzano, donators and benefactors


With the help of exiled Tibetans in India we have knocked down and rebuilt HOUSE No. 13, which is also called Rinchen Lin, meaning “precious garden”. The house is a dormitory of app. 120 m² for 34 children refugees between 4 and 12 years and was built with sanitary facilities, bedrooms, a living room and a large terrace. The children live in this house with one “mum” who protects them, who dresses them and who takes care about them. At the moment the project is concluded and active.

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