At the beginning of 2010 we have started to build an extension to the girls’ hostel  at the Tibetan Children’s Village of Dharamsala, in order to accommodate the older students as well.

Project no. 7
Value of the project: € 125,130.00
Current fundraising
Beneficiary: TCV


Now that the exam and assessment system has been changed by the central commission for secondary education of the Indian government, more students will attend school, benefitting from the two new education grades (secondary education – grades XI and XII, 16 and 17 years).
The current girls’ home is already too crowded. The project consists in knocking down the adjoining house no. 29 (where 30 children between 6 and 14 years lived; they now live in other houses of the village) and in building a three-storey construction, connecting it to the already existing girls’ hostel through a passage.
The value for this project equals € 125,130.00 (app. Rs. 7,507,950).

The extension has been finished during 2012. The house is now hosting well beyond 80 girls, who live and study at the TCV in Dharamsala. With the payment of the last part of 49.963,49 Euros, in October 2012 the project has been concluded successfully.

Lobsang Tsomo
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