Publication of contributions 2018

Dear friends and supporters of the Costa Family Foundation, 

we would like to thank you for donating your 5x1000 to our activities,
aswell as the Autonomous Province of Bolzano for the contributions received.
In our small way, we will do our best to make this world a little bit better than it is. 


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Saffron yellow, a gourmet evening dedicated to afghan women

The guest of honour for the evening is Selay Ghaffar, human rights activist in Afghanistan.

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"These mountains look so old"

"We want to bring back and awaken kindness, goodness in our children. We are creating our army of love and compassion."

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Wefts and fabrics

Thread, because everything is networked. Everything goes and returns. Let’s take consciousness of the thread which connects us all, a connection which gives faith by opposing to
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Other topics

Gift 5X1000 to the Costa Family Foundation! There is no cost to you and it helps many.

Here follow the details for "5X1000"

Denomination: Costa Family Foundation o.n.l.u.s.
Tax code: 92028490214

Please send me these details by email