During the most recent visit to Togo we brought back with us material bought in the market of Lomé. Material of different colours and patterns, which thanks to Anita, a tailoress and stylist from San Cassiano, and her various friends in the valleys, will become bags and aprons to be used in the interests of the Foundation.


In a village such as la Villa, which refuses hospitality to four refugees, there are other persons who to the contrary, seek to give a helping hand to small projects of great value.

Anita is a tailoress from San Cassiano, a village a little above La Villa. We brought to her the material bought in a market in Lomé, the capital of Togo - the materials a mix of bright colours, certainly contrasting with the grey mood of these days in which refusal to assist seems to be the order of the day. When Anita saw the material her eyes lit up and she immediately thought to transform it in bags and aprons, items to sell though the Foundation at Hotel Posta Marcucci. This is a concrete way to collect funds for our activities, activities which have an open view of the world and not limited to one's own self-indulgence. And then again, Anita has already taken action to organise a sewing workshop for friends and colleagues, so that more work can be done in favour of the Foundation. Her www site is RLINK ""all’Angolo di Anita. Thank you Anita - a super and creative friend.


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