The earth shakes, but there is hope

The earth shakes, but there is hope
The earth shakes, but there is hope
Last spring, we accepted a help request from Jangmu. The request arrived through a friend of ours, who is endorsing the Sherpa family in Nepal since a long time.
What happened? Well, the earthquake of April 2015 had destroyed their house, or better, the roof of their house, so that it was not possible to live there anymore. Our friend had proposed as guarantor and to refund the foundation of the total amount, if the Sherpa family would not have been able to report the full ended repairs within 18 months.
On March 15th, 2016 1.000 Euros were sent to Nepal for the rebuilding of the roof of the Sherpa house. Some days ago then Jangmu’s mail arrived. The news are good and our heart fills with joy:
Dear Michil Costa,
Warm greetings from Nepal.
I hope everything is fine there. I went to village and stayed there for more than 3 months. Now the house is built completely and my family already started to live in the house, and they are very very happy and thankful to you for your kind and big support. Without support of you and Leo this wouldn't be possible to rebuild the house so soon. Now i am in Kathmandu and looking for University in Kathmandu for my further studies. I have send you some Pictures and cost bill of roof of my House which was re-constructed with your support. If you come to Nepal in future then I can take you to my home village in Everest region (Solukhumbu), my family will be very happy to see you there, may be in future.

Thank you so much for your help for me and my family. We would never forget your big help and support for us, in our life time.
we wish you a very good time and health.
Best regards
Jangmu and Family
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