They call us "muzungo"

Since I work for the foundation, I have understood how important transparency is. Therefore personal inspection and the collecting of photo and video material is crucial. 
This time my mates are Daniel, La Perla’s sommelier, and his grilfriend Sandra and Luca and Marco, two students who have given their disposability to make a documentary of the trip. We start on September 19th, 2013, and after a long flight we arrive to Kampala where Davide Franzi, coordinator in chief of ISP Africa, is waiting for us. Davide is doing this job since always and during his life through and out of Africa he has lived many adventures. After a short impression of the loud, crowded and chaotic capital city, our trip continues towards Karamoja. It’s and unending trip of 8 hours on sandy streets, only driveable on a Land Cruiser. Karamoja is a mountain region in the north of Uganda. It’s a dreamland in the middle of tousands and tousands of kilometres of African savanna. We meet Alessandro, Luana and Marco, together we visit the schools, the concluded projects and the ones in progress. It’s really intense to visit the schools with all the children. They call us “muzungo”, which means “European”, and they shout it laughing. 
Time flies, also in Karamoja, and so it’s already time for good-bye. We continue towards south, where we meet Hannington, father of the “Ssezibwa Demonstration Farm”, a demonstration which endorses the community in Mukono, not far from the capital city. In Uganda approximately 25-30% of the food is wasted because of inadequate storing conditions. Here at the farm we are funding the construction of a silo, for the storage of the crop. The works for the silo are being completed. Now the community has food at disposal all year through.
Also in Mukono time flyes, and it’s time to head back to Italy. We come home enriched of a great experience and even more conscious of the lucky people we are, having the chance to live the life we live.  
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