Two green schools for Karamoja

According to a study by the Integrated Regional Information Networks of 2008, the presence of children at school in Karamoja is directly proportional to the availability of food in the schools. on

PROJECT No. 10 worth € 75,180
Development of two “green schools” in Karamoja, Uganda
PROJECT No. 10 worth € 75,180
May 2012
Beneficiary: ISP... in Africa


Our objectivesThe project wants to improve the farmers’ agricultural production and improve the access to resources of the schools in the district of Moroto with the help of sustainable development and by thus favoring an improvement of the living conditions of the population.
In specific we support Karimojong farmers, we improve the water supply, we optimize the energetic resources and we promote educational agroforestry programs at elementary schools of Musupo and Kakolyie. Karamoja
Karamoja is a region in the northwest of Uganda. Only 33% of all adults in the region are educated. Agricultural techniques are very primitive. Women are mainly responsible for agriculture which is based on the cultivation of cereals such as millet and corn, beans and peanuts in more humid areas. Most families collect two cans of water per day for 7 persons on average. This quantity is 60% below the minimum standard of 15 liters per person and day.
The change of the Karimojong society from seminomadic farmers and shepherds to a more permanent society living on agriculture, food insecurity and the intense exploitation of the soil create the necessity to learn agricultural techniques for sustainable cultivation that avoid the indiscriminate exploitation of the territory.

According to a study conducted by IRIN – Integrated Regional Information Networks – “Changing attitudes to education in Karamoja” (2008) the presence of children at school in Karamoja is directly proportional to the availability of food in the schools.
We would like to make the presence of children at school obvious.


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