Wefts and fabrics

Thread, because everything is networked. Everything goes and returns. Let’s take consciousness of the thread which connects us all, a connection which gives faith by opposing to an individualistic image, empty and alone. The Costa Family Foundation puts the idea of “together we are strong” at the centre of its activity, by taking by the hand and walking together independently from the skin colour, the place of birth, the situation in which one is born. By following the value of humanity of which solidarity is soaked.

In the surprising gallery of myths that the ancient world has left us as a legacy, the poet Ovid, at the beginning of the sixth book of Metamorphoses, tells us the story of Arachne, the talented weaver who knew how to give life to wonderful inventions with her loom. Her ability was unrivalled, so much so that the young woman grew in confidence, and dared to challenge the goddess Pàllade, protector of the feminine arts. In the contest aimed at measuring the skill of the two rivals, Arachne admirably eulogised the deeds of the gods Jupiter, Neptune, Bacchus, and Apollo. Not even Pàllade was able to find a defect in the masterpiece woven by the young woman. Nevertheless, Arachne's arrogance had to be punished: and so she was transformed into a spider, which continued tirelessly to weave its perfect wefts.

In every culture and in every age, there are many metaphors built on the concept of "thread": the various threads of speech..., losing the thread..., Ariadne's thread..., hanging by a thread..., ... communicate from time to time an idea of logical succession, of bewilderment, of salvation, of fragility, of abundance and much more. These are certainly sharp, effective and seductive images, where, however, the "thread" remains a victim of its singularity and vanishes into thin air, once the metaphor has served its purpose.

Another interpretation, on the other hand, conveys to us the metaphors built on the interweaving, on the combination and interconnection of multiple threads: the plot of the narration..., the interweaving of relationships..., the logical connection..., the elaboration of a plan.

If we limit ourselves to the textile field, to the artisan fabric, this is a creation that is never the result of hasty randomness, because it is born by combining, weaving and knotting the threads of the warp with those of the weft. And the results can be appreciated at a glance - with geometric patterns and plays of colour - but also to the test of strength and holding. Every single thread contributes to the vigorous consistency of the warp and to the chromatic spectacle of the weft. And in the dense network of their interconnections, the threads are almost indistinct, yet they remain fundamental, each and every one, to the final weave.

If we now take into consideration what may be called the social fabric, that is, the human environment, each of us will recognise the thread. A thread that is at times irreverted by the temptation to "depart" from the shared responsibility of the social network, ending up wrapping itself around itself and losing itself in the solitude of selfishness. But before that, one has to also acknowledge the quiet and tenacious thread that, in the interweaving with the other fibres, in the interconnection with the other human beings, finds its reason for being and its place in the mysterious and surprising plots of the universe.


Carlo Suani
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