Costa Family Foundation o.n.l.u.s.
Famiglia Costa
Str. Col Alt 105
39033 Corvara (BZ) Alta Badia - Italy
Tel. +39 0471 831076
Codice Fiscale 92028490214


Concept & Design
Studio MiSign
Str. Gran Ega 4
39033 San Martin de Tor (BZ) Alta Badia - Italy
Tel. +39 0474 523 183
P. IVA. IT02522990213


Editing & Copywriting
Francesco Ricci
Via Donatori di Sangue 67
41026 Modena - Italy
+39 335 634 1755


Project Management
Peppis Kreativstudio
Via Scuderie 5
39012 Merano - Italy
Tel. +39 340 376 3704
P. IVA. 02889430217


Web-Development & CMS
DH Webservice di David Huber
Via Santa Maria del Conforto 38
39012 Merano - Italy
Tel +39 338 211 5781
P. IVA. 02767900216


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