Our family

A family as a form of community. A family which expands beyond its original nucleus. A family which willingly opens up and outwards, just as do the petals of a flower. A family in search of the common good.

A group of people who manage together resources and funds so as to create concrete opportunities for good in the world, the force of individuals uniting and going beyond individual interests so as to give lifeblood to others. A group of individuals who wish to create bridges and not walls, taking small actions to reach bigger heights and to spread their wings beyond the Dolomites, looking to reach places and situations far away and worthy of attention. These are people with names and with noble intentions: Sister Patrizia, Maristella, Daniele, the  Afghan women, collaborators in Uganda, and all those who make donations, who give something tangible in order to make a difference elsewhere. The use of funds may be a simple as the spreading of seeds, the planting of a tree, the purchase of a sheep, or something of an even more essential nature as a supply of medicine or the building of a school for youngsters. Thanks to an ongoing work of raising awareness and improving educational opportunities we can spread our influence wide – from India, to Afghanistan, from Nepal to Uganda and Tongo.

Our collaborators

The Foundation takes its mission forward thanks to the involvement of people who collaborate without remuneration in the realisation of projects. Each collaborator not only shares the pricples and values of the Foundation but is an integral part of its evolution, of the daily effort to strive to reah new horizons and to know new realities, to operate on a concrete basis to collect funds and tu support the initiatived which the Foundation undertakes.
As individuals our collaborators are persons who give of their time and give experience and enthusiasm to projects, an effort and enthusiasm which contributes in a positive manner to the various projects around the world.
In simple words our collaborators are the engine of the Foundation.
If it were not for their help, support, vitality and energy the Foundartion would not exist.

Maximilian, Mathias, Ernesto, Anni and Michil Costa

I need to leave a message for my grandchild. I need to ask forgiveness for not having left behind a better world.
Andrea Zanzotto

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The Costa Family

Parents and sons. A story which is long and fascinating ... and important. A story which starts in the valley of a formidable mountgain range and spreads far and wide and without hesitation or pause. A family always on the move but with firmly established roots in their Dolomites home. A family of far-reaching mentaility but always with a homely smile ready to gift others. It is a way they have which is contagious and which embraces others and leaves nobody indifferent. Indeed indifference is a word which is not part of this family vocabulary.

Annie and Ernesto opened Hotel La Perla in 1956. Michil, Mathias and  Maximilian came to be and their upbringing was in their Dolomites home. The force of nature as experienced in the Dolomities created a strong bond, just as for the Tibetan people there is a strong association with their own land. However in the first instance we speak of a nature to safeguard from the threat of too great a trend of consumism, whereas the Tibetans have to face a problem of exile from their land. The two realities meet when focusing on the concept of the mountains as a territory of shared peace. In a meeting between Michil and Joe and Madame Jetsun Pena, sister of the Dalai Lama, it taking place in India in 2007, came the idea to create a not for profit Foundation without political party or religious affiliation, and which would undertake activity in favour of populations in a phase of development, this by providing psychological, social, pedagogic and health assistance and support to children living in conditions of suffering and necessity. The idea became a reality with the establishment of the Foundation on the 19th September 2017. Its existence is still a reality and is forging a way ahead.

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