This is what we are doing

Leave aside the great roads and take the paths instead. This is what the great philosopher and mathematician Pitagora said, and it seems to us a worthwhile concept. Small things, small steps, the slow approach which helps us observe and not to lose our way.

We are present in Africa, in Togo and in Uganda. We are also present in Afghanistan, in India, and in Nepal. We have arrived there not by following the great roads, but by taking the small paths instead. We believe in doing the small things well, and this represented our starting point.  A small school case, a plant, a cow, a blood-bag. And from little things big things grow.  The school case becomes a school, the plant becomes cultivation, the cow a means of sustenance, the blood-bag a vital aid so as not to die of malaria. And in observing this remarkable transfomation, in seeing the seeds go forward and populate we gain the strength to keep on going,. Thank you to those who support us.

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