Projects in Nepal

A small project but one which can bring big results: after the terrible earthquake in 2015 which shook the whole country every type of help is necessary.

Following the terrible earthquake of  2015 in Nepal we got to know Pierangelo, for years a volunteer working between India and Nepal. Pierangelo has collaborated for a good bit of time with Subhasan Bhattarai from Nepal and together they formed "Together for Nepal", a small group of persons trying to respond to and overcome the difficulties caused by the earthquake. In 2017 we have supported the starting up of a chicken run in the outskirts of Khatmandu, making a donation of Euro 1,000.
After the structure of the chicken run was finished there were some problems with the delivery of chicks, seemingly due to avian. Finally in July the chicks arrived! The project is being managed by Abraham from Nepal and we are hopeful that this small step we have taken can contribute to an auto-sustainable project. All being well, chicks will be sold and create a source of revenue for the community.

Project started in
Contributions towards project so far
1.000 €

1000 chickens in Katmandu

A small subsistence project for the 2015 earthquake on the outskirts of Nakkhu, a peripheral area of Kathmandu, and one where many families are stiil living in temporary refugee shacks made of metal.

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