Projects in Afghanistan

Standing up for Afghan women, the weakest and most persecuted sector of a country which for decades has lived in constant strife and violence.

In Afghanistan, women face a range of challenges stemming from cultural, social, and political factors. Despite progress in recent years—including improvements in education and job opportunities—the return to power of the Taliban has raised concerns about women's rights and freedoms.


In this context, and long before the dramatic withdrawal of American troops in August 2021, the Costa Family Foundation supports and assists the most vulnerable segments of the population: women, elderly, and children.


It is thanks to the invaluable field work of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), the Social Researchers Association for Justice (SAAJS), and the Together We Can Groups Association (ISP) that we continue to be present, despite numerous challenges.


We promote women's education by supporting RAWA's clandestine school network, established in open opposition to the Taliban regime. Many such schools have been activated not only in Kabul but also in various provinces across the country.


We support widowed women with dependent children through the purchase and delivery of dairy goats as microcredit. This generates income and has a positive impact on the entire community. Women are required, within one year, to pass on a kid to another woman, thus creating a virtuous cycle. This project has brought us many satisfactions, alongside the pain and emotion in reading the words of the beneficiaries.


Since 2017, we have funded the cultivation of a saffron field (1 hectare - yielding 3 kilograms annually) to enable women to live dignified lives. At the request of these women, we have also initiated literacy and training programs.

Project start date
Schools opened
Beneficiaries achived
In progress
Contributions towards project so far
€ 9.000,00


A network of clandestine schools supporting women's education denied in Afghanistan due to the restrictions imposed by the Taliban regime.

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Yellow trust

The flagship project of the Costa Family Foundation's efforts in Afghanistan that has transformed the lives of the most marginalized and poorest women by providing them with economic opportunities and training.

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Project started in
Beneficiary Women
Hectares of cultivated land
In progress
Contributions towards project so far
€ 61.150,00
Project started in
Goats delivered
Beneficiary families
In progress
Contributions towards project so far
€ 48.348,00


The microcredit project that restores dignity, self-esteem and future to Afghan women and promotes a more united and supportive society.


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