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Donate the 5x1000 to do a lot of little big things

If you want to support us and you are subject to the Italian fiscal system, donate the '5x1000' provided for, and it will cost nothing and for us it will be a very important helpin
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I am not a tourist, I am a man

This is the title of the campaign conceived by the Costa Family Foundation to raise awareness in the community on the issue of migrants, which has long been at the centre of politi
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End of season brunch togheter with Costa Family Foundation, La Spona e OEW

Excess, waste and exaggerated consumption are reducing our world to a sort of immense dustbin. 

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Publication of contributions 2018

Dear friends and supporters of the Costa Family Foundation,
in our small way, we will do our best to make this world a little bit better than it is. 


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It is always a joy every year, in this January-February period, to look back on the year behind us and see the progress we have made together in supporting our vital projects.
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Twelve photo portraits of women by Gustav Willeit. An exhibition organised by the Costa Family Foundation,from 8 - 31 March at the Bistrot, Hotel La Perla, Corvara.
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A short summary regarding the goat project development in Afghanistan in 2018

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Gift 5X1000 to the Costa Family Foundation! There is no cost to you and it helps many.

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