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Gift a goat 2016: the report

4.650 Euros, 24 goats, 8 families, a new chapter in life towards a less precarious existance, more food and earnings, in Afghanistans lost land.
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Fundraising report 2016

A successfull year is over, and we are looking forward to an even more exciting one coming up. 
What we have done in 2016 and what we will do in 2017.
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Blood is life

Malaria is the most widespread parasite in the world. One of the most common symptoms of malaria is anemia. It is therefore of the utmost importance in a country where 90% of the p
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HIV and poverty

During the last few years, in this region the spread of HIV/AIDS has soared from 3.5% in 2006 to 5.3% in 2016, and about 2000 children from 1 to 15 years old, have contracted the v
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a present that will change a world

Regala una donazione ad un tuo caro, è un regalo che fa la differenza. Not a world of gifts, but a gift that changes the world. 40 Euros are enough for a blood bag, saving the l
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Little Ajani… you are HIV positive!

HIV, Aids, immune deficiency are all words which thankfully are no longer prevalent in the reality in which we ourselves live.
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The earth shakes, but there is hope

Last spring, we accepted a help request from Jangmu. The request arrived through a friend of ours, who is endorsing the Sherpa family in Nepal since a long time. What happened? Th
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Gift 5X1000 to the Costa Family Foundation! There is no cost to you and it helps many.

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