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Mother: the synthesis of the four elements

The first mother we know is Earth, Pachamama. She is also the last one. She gives birth to us and so we return to her. All generations make the same journey, from cradle to grave.
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Give a goat for Christmas!

We want to dedicate our Christmas to them, the mothers of the world. With the project a goat for the afghan women!
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Green schools, the third!

We are working on further schools in Karamoja towards energy saving ressources, such as water and electricity and save food in the schools.
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A mill for the farm

We are building a mais mill at the Ssezibwa Demonstration farm, so to produce our own flour and have a further income source, introducin coffe, vanilla and cococa plantations and p
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During 2013 we have constructed a modern store equipped with six large silos each with the capacity of 9,000 kilograms of grains. The silos are equipped with a moisture meter which
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They call us "muzungo"

We leave on mid September, for a trip rich on emotions. Uganda we are coming!
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During 2013 we have collected 80.052 Euros. Thanks to all of you.
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Gift 5X1000 to the Costa Family Foundation! There is no cost to you and it helps many.

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