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A place where beauty and solidarity meet

In Corvara Salone Ariane is a beauty salon which offers many special treatments
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Final report: Green Schools step 3

step 3 June 2014 – January 2015 budget: €31,617 beneficiaries: 1,413 students and 54 teachers The project promotes access to education by promoting healthy food, better health
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Final report: a mill for the farm

June 2014 – January 2015 budget: 31.668 Euros beneficiaries: 150 families This is one of the programs which is going to change lives of the people. Services have been brought clo
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The real joy is the shared joy

I know the strength and constant commitment you dedicate to all those children, who would be lost without your help.
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A sustainable project of agriculture, education, perspective

Ssezibwa Demonstration Farm is a farm in the parish of Wankooba in the district of MukonoOfuaNakisunga. Right here, we are introducing the self-managed comunity to modern agricultu
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If you think of the next 100 years, teach a child

Since 2011 we endorse the project of energetical restoration in the schools of Karamoja. So far eight schools have benefied. This year other four will be added, and a new project w
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Help has a name

And then there is me, who simply helped building a school in Amakpape…
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