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3 ladies, 10 days, 180 bags

Between shared dreams and life perspectives
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Glasshouse harvesting: a great opportunity for the farm

The fifth year endorsing the farm community. We will optimize the glasshouse harvest of vegetables and the selling of fresh products on the local markets, for an improvement of the
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Green Schools, five years together

Our fifth year endorsing the Green Schools in Uganda, towards an energy and food autonomy of the schools, because if the food is harvested with our hands, with their hands, its sav
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Phase 4 January 2015 - January 2016 Budget: € 22,541 Partnder body: ISP in Africa, Uganda, Karamoja BENEFICIARIES: 144 farmers. 5 schools, 396 students The aim of the project is
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FINAL REPORT: Sezibwa demonstration school

Phase 4 january 2015 – january 2016 budget: 26.435 Euro beneficiaries: 150 farmer families Sezibwa Demonstration Farm is a community based nonprofit organization. It empowers p
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Rundraising report 2015

Thanks to your support during 2015, we raised 86.123 euro. Giulan!
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Amakapé: a question of hope

Amakpapé is the name of a village in Togo with 12,000 souls. In the Ewè language it means ‘House of leaves’. A beautiful name which conjures up ‘green’.

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